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Twitter Fails E.U. Standard on Removing Hate Speech Online

Twitter has failed to meet European standards for removing hate speech online, figures to be published Thursday show, as pressure mounts, particularly on the Continent, for tech companies to do more to tackle such harmful material. The battle between European policy makers and tech companies over what should be permitted online has pitte...Read More

Airbnb Hosts More Likely to Reject the Disabled, a Study Finds

Hosts granted preapproval to 75 percent of travelers who made no mention of a disability, according to the study. That rate fell to 61 percent for those who said they had dwarfism, 50 percent for those with blindness, 43 percent for those with cerebral palsy and just 25 percent for those with spinal cord injuries. Some of that disparity ...Read More

‘Climate Change Is Real’: Many U.S. Companies Lament Paris Accord Exit

Soon after President Trump announced that the United States would back out of the Paris climate accord, several large companies based in the United States that had supported the international pact said they were disappointed by the decision and would continue their environmental efforts. And two chief executives who sat on Mr. Trump’s ec...Read More

‘Sense8’ Cancellation Is Netflix’s Second in a Week

Is Netflix about to set forth on a cancellation binge? A week after it axed “The Get Down,” its expensive single-season music drama, Netflix, the online streaming service, announced Thursday that it was canceling its sci-fi drama “Sense8” after two seasons. By Netflix standards, this is a moment. The company has been notoriously re...Read More